What inspired Ria Frances to write Inflicted?

Apart from an eternal dream of writing a novel and a love of history, my motivation for writing Inflicted is embedded in real events. In 2009 I gave birth to identical twin boys.  They were born prematurely, at three pounds each and spent a month in special care.  Subsequently, they suffered from poor weight gain, poor health and food intolerances and this left me suffering with corrosive guilt.  At that time, I felt extremely alone.  I felt unable to reach out to anybody or ask for help because I felt as though I had failed everyone.  I felt weak, pathetic and angry despite ensuring the well-being of all four sons was maintained.  I couldn’t make the twins well even though I fed them and cared for them every hour of every day.  I became an insomniac.  Instead of asking for help, as perhaps I should have, I began to write.  I poured my thoughts into my characters, into the terrors of the past, into the mind of a sixteen year old boy grappling with some of the feelings that I had.  I wrote in secret, fearing the book may never be completed.  Four years later the ramblings of an inadequate mother became the full manuscript of Inflicted.

This was the beginning of my journey.  My dearest friend once said to me, “…the strong women are not the ones tearing each other down, they are the ones building each other up.” She is right.  In my publishing expedition with www.britainsnextbestseller.co.uk  I am exalting this premise.  I want other women to follow their dreams, to engage with their self-belief and hidden talent: their entrepreneurial skills, cake baking, face cream inventing, teaching, business, writing and endless other exploits. Writing Inflicted has been a personal journey but I hope reading it will inspire others to set out on their own journeys.  I hope they will take strength and encouragement from a mummy who doubted herself.

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